Monday, March 22, 2010

Full time Musim

Bismillahil Rahman il Raheem,

Based on the ahadith of the Prophet Muhammed (saaws), these are indeed glad tidings for the pious and righteous women of Islam!

1. A single pious practicing woman is equal to 70 saints (Awliya Kiraam).

2. A single bad (evil) woman is equal to 1000 bad men.

3. Two rakaats Salah of an aalimah woman are better than 80 rakaats of ordinary women.

4. A breastfeeding woman gets one virtue for each drop of milk that is fed to the child.

5. When a husband comes home full of worries and the wife extends warm welcome to him and consoles him; she receives the reward of half jihaad.

6. A woman, who is deprived of sleep owing to her child crying at night, receives the sawaab of freeing 20 slaves.

7. When a husband and a wife look at each other with love and affection, Allah (swt) looks at both of them with love and affection.

8. A woman who sends out her husband in the path of Allah (swt) and stays at home by herself, maintaining her honour and dignity (i.e. protecting herself against temptation and dishonesty) will enter jannat 500 years before her husband, while 70,000 angels and hooris will serve her. She will be given ghusl in jannah; and sitting on mountains of pearls, she will await the arrival of her husband.

9. A woman who is rendered restless owing to the illness of her baby and yet kept on striving to comfort the baby, Allah Ta'ala forgives all her sins and gives her the thawaab of 12 years accepted in ibaadat.

10. While milking her animal (cow, goats, etc.), if a woman makes the zikr of Bismillah, the animal makes dua to Allah Ta'ala on her behalf.

11. When a woman makes the zikr of Bismillah while preparing the dough (for bread), her livelihood is increased (i.e. she receives barakah in her rizq).

12. When a woman makes zikr while sweeping, she receives the thawaab of sweeping Baitullah (Ka'ba).

13. A chaste woman who is mindful of Salah and Siyam, and also serves her husband, for her all the 8 doors of Jannah are opened. She may enter from whichever doors she likes.

14. The Salah and ibaadah of a woman disobedient to her husband do not reach heaven.

15. Every night of an expectant mother (a woman who is carrying a baby in her womb) is counted as spent in ibaadah and every day as spent in fasting.

16. A woman receives the thawaab of 70 years of Salah and Siyam on giving birth to one child and the pain she suffered in every vein of her body while giving birth, for that she will receive the thawaab of one Hajj.

17. If a woman dies within 40 days after giving birth, Allah Ta'ala gives her the status of Shahaadah (i.e. she dies as a Shaheed).

18. Upon the child crying at night, if the mother feeds the child (gives milk to the child) without cursing, she receives the thawaab of performing Salah for one year.

19. When a child finishes the period of breast-feeding, an angel comes and gives glad tidings to the mother that Allah has made Jannah wajib for her.

20. When the husband comes home to sleep and the wife gives him food to eat (not being involved in dishonesty with regard to herself and her husband's belongings), Allah Ta'ala gives her the thawaab of 12 years of ibaadah.

21. When the wife presses the legs of her husband without him asking her to do so, she gets the thawaab of giving charity 7 ounce of gold, and if she presses his legs after he asks her to do so, she receives the sawaab of giving 7 ounces of silver in sadaqua.

22. When a woman's husband dies while he was happy and pleased with her, Jannah becomes wajib for her.

23. A husband's teaching one religious mas'ala to his wife is equal to 80 years of ibaadah.

24. In Jannah people will seek the proximity of Allah Ta'ala, but Allah Ta'ala himself will seek the proximity of the woman who has observed pardah while in dunyah.

25. Woman who wears thin garment (see-through garment) or who arouses passion in men, or meet men they are not allowed to mix or move about openly while heavily made up or who live without pardah, will never enter Jannah. In fact they will not even smell the fragrance of Jannah.

26. A woman who has undergone a great amount of suffering and difficulties in this world will be classified with Hazrat Asia (r.a). She was the wife of the firaun (pharaoh) who despite the fact that she was his wife, tortured and persecuted her, to renounce Deen and Imaan. She gave her life in the process (i.e. she died of the punishment inflicted to her), but did not forsake Imaan.

27. Every single woman going to hell will take four Jannati men. Because they did not take care in the world about the Deen and Imaan of that woman and did not teach her Deen. These four men will be: her father, her brother, her husband and her son.

28. If woman glances at men she is not allowed to see according to the Shariah, Allah Ta'ala sends curse upon her, just as it is forbidden for a man to glance at women he is not allowed to see.

Wal hamdulilahi Rabbil Alameen.

Naz ~ Jangan 'part time' Muslim yer :)

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