Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cannibalism :- China Female Baby Soup

Naz : Sebenarnya aku tak nak publish topik ni. Tapi demi memaparkan cerita sebenar yang berlaku kat negara Cina, aku postkan jugak. Tak taulah... budaya orang makan orang pun masih wujud di zaman serba canggih ni. Agaknya depa ni dah gila...


China Female Baby Soup …. Sick People!!!
Delicious and potent!

Brief translation:
Shocking news circulated in China .. A town in Canton is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to enhance health and sexual performance/stamina. The cost in China currency = approx $ 4000

A Taiwanese factory manager, claimed to be a frequent consumer, was interviewed and he testified that it is effective. It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs like jinsheng and danggui added with chicken ribs and the baby are boiled for 8 hours. He pointed to his second wife next to him, who is 19 (he is 62), and testified that they have sex everyday.

He offered to bring the reporter to witness this. However, the restaurant didn’t have ready stock then as ’spare ribs’ (codename) were rare commodity. Fresh placentas were available then. However, the reporter insisted on having baby soup. ‘A couple migrated from countryside to work there, the wife is pregnant for 8 months now. They have 2 daughters. After a couple of days, they will push for early delivery, if it’s a baby girl, it will be available as food then’.

The reporter was not convinced himself as after weeks of investigation, it was only hearsays. He thought that’s was the end of it. Unexpectedly, after a couple of days, the Taiwanese factory owner called and said the stock was available. He took this reporter to a restaurant in Taishan. The cook in-charge brought them to kitchen for an eye-opening trip.

They saw a baby corpse, which is slightly bigger than a cat, lying on a chopping board. ‘Only slightly older than 5 months, slightly too small’, the cook said in an apologetic tone.

The cook also revealed that the baby was found by his friends from countryside but refused to reveal the price. He only mentioned that the price is dependent on the age of baby and whether the baby was living or death.

As for the Taiwanese businessman, he only knows the price for one bowl of that dish is RMB 3500 and couldn’t careless about other details.

The reporter overheard, for babies aborted or miscarried, agents would a few hundreds RMB to the mother. If the baby was born naturally and close to 10 months, the parents will get two thousands RMB, as a token for adoption. Babies are dead when arriving at restaurants.

The reporter couldn’t bring himself to try. He couldn’t eat after the trip to the kitchen and pretended sick and left.

Babies are all females. It’s a result of one-child policy or placing too much importance on health food intake.


hysMan.. said...

Salam Naz..

da takde menda lain pe nak gi makan..
otak letak kat lutut..gini la jadinya..
mengong punya org..
zaman moden ni pon ade wujud lg carnibal..
pelik ar..
da mmg nak akhir zaman..

agak2 mahal tak 1 janin tu???

Naz said...

lebih kurang $4000 dlm matawang cina. mengong btul depa ni. bnyk lg makanan berkhasiat yg lain, tp janin manusia juga yg depa pilih.

hysMan.. said...

aku ade terbaca satu artikel china,makan janin ni bagus..dalam kepercayaan depa laa..dari segi ape,aku lupa plak..
tak tercapai akal..

SyazReA said...

manusia ker yg wat kejadah ni.... mengalahkan menatang jerk..hish

Naz said...

manusia yg x der otak jer wat mender2 ni. binatang pun x pernah rebus anak sendiri dan mkn.

Anonymous said...

kat china kan?...
dah namanya cha ya nun alif tu semua nak pulun...haram jad punya manusia(binatang)...