Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clean Your Keyboard? Better Think Again

Maybe you like using your computer while eating your favorite food. How do you protect your keyboard from crumbs?
Apple Introduces a New Laptop Keyboard-less ( New Revolutionary )

Do you hate your keyboard. Now you can transfer to new laptop call Macbook Whell. This laptop was design by Apple without using any keyboard.

No More Crumbs on the Keyboard

Well, maybe not for you, but it seems to me like a great invention. We work all day typing on the computer with no time in many cases to even eat.

Keyboard Napkin

Now, not only babies have napkins, keyboards do also. Believe or not, this is technology was made by Mac Book.

Virtual Keyboard Played with Lasers

Can you imagine using this stuff? So cool!

USB Mini Roll-Up Keyboard
Now you can protect you keyboard from water, dust and acid. Also this was made to alkaline-proof so that you don’t have to start worrying about getting spoiled. Available in three color; white, black and pink.

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